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Beach Bucket Bakery's sandwich cookies are two enticing flavors in one: chocolate chip + cream cheese, oatmeal raisin + cream, ginger + lemon cream, and banana + chocolate cream. We start with two moist and chewy cookies (already an indulgence if we stopped here) and nestle in a layer of decadent filling to satisfy your deepest craving.

Sometimes a great cookie needs no embellishment. Beach Bucket Bakery's crunchy peanut butter chocolate chip and mint dark chocolate chip cookies will gratify even the most demanding sweet tooth.

Serving Suggestion: Bring along a bucket to your next beach outing. After several hours in the sun (you haven't eaten them yet, have you?) they will be warm and gooey, just like when they came out of our oven.

Or delight your loved ones and friends by giving them as birthday, anniversary, and holiday gifts.  They also make unique wedding favors and gifts for out-of-town guests.  Teachers and hostesses love them too!  And why not send a “care bucket” to your favorite college kid? Enjoy!



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